about Advocacy for All

where we work


We work in

  • South East London
  • Kent
  • Sutton
  • Havering
  • Bromley

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what do we want to do?

support writing

We want to give people good advocacy

Advocacy is when one person talks to another person about their needs and wishes.


We want to work just for our clients, not for the council or any other services.

bigger voice

We want to help people have a bigger voice and a better life.

how will we do this?

advocate with client
  • give people free and independent advocacy and make sure they have control in their lives
  • rights
  • make sure people get their rights
  • Rights are the things that the law says everyone should have, like

  • somewhere safe to live
  • good health services
  • making choices
  • speaking up
  • help people get confidence to speak up for themselves, on their own or in groups
  • big meeting
  • help people run speaking up groups and have a say where they live
  • community
  • help people be a part of their local community
  • desk work
  • involving people in all parts of our work
    • as staff or volunteers
    • as committee members
    • by asking what they think about our work
    flipchart presentation
  • have advocates who are volunteers, and make sure they have good training

    A volunteer is someone who does a job but does not get paid

  • rules
  • stick to the Advocacy Code of Practice

    The Code of Practice is rules for the way we work. It says what an advocate can or cannot do

  • checklist
  • carry on getting better at our work and working with more people.
  • easy read
  • teach people about advocacy and use easy read information
  • what do we think is important?

    group talking

    involving people

    giving people a say in all our work


    putting people’s needs and wishes first

    listening to what our clients tell us they want, not what other people tell us is important

    crowd of people


    treating everyone the same

    checklist with ticks

    good practice

    finding new ways of working telling other people about our good work so they can learn

    group of workers


    working together with other people and other companies to help clients

    thumbs up and jar of money


    doing good work that does not cost alot

    flip chart presentation

    looking after staff and volunteers

    giivng them good support and training

    work policy and folders


    being clear about what we do and keeping good files for clients

    group of people


    understanding that everyone is important and respecting them

    treating people all the same

    application form

    We want to have staff with the right skills and experience.

    think bubble

    We want to have staff who think the same as we do.

    welcoming staff to new job

    We treat all staff the same.

    waiting to be interviewed

    We treat all people who want to work for us the same.

    group of people two women holding hands

    We do not treat people better or worse because of

  • race
  • religion
  • disability
  • sexuality, for example gay or bisexual
  • age