Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Easy Read Service

easy read
make your service easier to use

why easy read?

Asking for our rights

Everybody has the right to get information in the way that they understand.

The law says that if you run a service you must do your best to make it easy to use.

This includes having information in easy read.

what is easy read?

Reading something in easy read
Easy read is information that is easy to understand
  • information that is important and useful
  • short words and short sentences
  • photographs, pictures, symbols

who are we?

members of our easy read group

Bromley Sparks easy read group is a group of people with a learning difficulty.

We have been doing easy read work for 8 years.

our services

List of services
Bromley Sparks can
  • tell you how to make your information better
  • make your documents into easy read
  • support you with easy read training

examples of our work

Swanley Day Services report
Winterbourne View report Moving on plan
Health Access Forum leaflet

what people say about us

I use the Sparks easy read service regularly and am always impressed by their professionalism. I sometimes send in documents that are quite complicated, and they always transform this into a document that is accessible. I also appreciate the way we work together after the first draft to ensure we're getting it absolutely right. I think the Sparks easy read service is real quality service that results in excellent quality output.

Maz Marsham, Clinical Lead for Health Access
Bromley Community Learning Disability Team

I'm happy to say that I found the service efficient, cost effective and, perhaps more importantly very responsive to my needs.

Richard Haines, Head of Direct Care Services
London Borough of Bromley


Andrew Blake, Day Services Manager
London Borough of Bromley

contact us

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